A society of individuals acting and speaking together – one of the definitions of Communication, which must be seen as a form of action, an acting in common, putting in common, a sharing action (concept used increasingly in front of social networks potentials). Hence the importance of going beyond the original Communication etymon (communis + actio = communicatio) and achieve the primary meaning of this action:. common act or an action of the common.

This is precisely one of the main guidelines of the initiatives and proposals of our COMUM , the Research Group in Communication, Political Economy and Diversity, from the Department of Social Communication of Federal University of Piauí, led by Prof. Jacqueline Lima Dourado. Aligned with the theoretical perspective of Political Economy of Communication, the COMUM group tries to study not only issues related to communication market, but also contemporary discussions arising from the introduction of digital technologies in society.

Since it´s begining in 2010, the group has been organizing books, seminars and conferences in this area. In 2012, for example, the group organized an international conference, which resulted in the book “Political Economy of Journalism: field, object, convergences and regionalism”, whose the second edition was released in October 2016. The third volume is in process of selecting and editing of articles, scheduled for release in 2017.

The research carried out by COMUM resulted in the completion of six master dissertations (by Renan Marques, Sarah Fontenelle, Francisca Souza, Mateus Noronha, Samaria Andrade and Thays Teixeira), with more three in progress (of the Master students Mary Landim, Denise Freitas and Cristal Sá). The group also counts with two PIBIC scholarships, which are available to undergraduate students interested in pursuing research, according to the objectives of the group, to consolidate the scientific actions and extend them to the technological context (especially from mobile devices).


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